Republic Day 2022: Sharad Malhotra to Meera Deosthale, Here’s what these actors feel about the patriotic day

26 January is a significant day for India. It was on this day in 1950 when India’s Constitution came into effect. However, people believe that over time, the day has lost its significance and has just become another holiday. Most Indians spend the day chilling with their families and watching the parade on their TVs. On the other hand, schools in an attempt to teach children the significance of the day, organize flag hoisting and reminisce about the history of the country and the day. Here are some celebrities who told us what the day means to them and whether it is now merely a holiday for the Indians today. On a lighter note, they even shared their favourite patriotic song with us. 

Sharad Malhotra says, ‘Republic Day is an important day in the history of India.’ He also reminisced about how the 26th January celebration in schools used to be a moment of pride for everyone and the preparation for the day used to start in advance. ‘On the day, there used to be patriotic song competitions and some of us used to dress up like our favourite freedom fighters and prepare few lines on it  After the function we used to get ladoos and chocolates,’ he added. However, he also expressed that the essence of Republic Day now has been lost and it has just become a public holiday for everyone. ‘I feel that we should do our bit in every possible way and serve the nation as responsible citizen’s. My favourite patriotic song till date is Ye jo des hai tera Swades hai tera Tujhe hai pukaara…’ he concluded.

Pranitaa Pandit started by saying that January 26 brings patriotic fervour all around the country. Sharing some of he childhood memories, she said ‘During my school days the Republic Day celebrations used to be in full swing. My favourite part was seeing our school band playing the patriotic songs and flag hoisting. After coming back from school I loved watching the Republic Day Celebration Programme on TV, that I still like to watch.  However, in this new day and age, living in a fast pace life, this day sadly, is just taken as a holiday. I am definitely tell my little daughter about Republic Day and it’s significance. My favourite patriotic song is from the movie Razi- “Ae Watan Watan Mere Aabad Rahe Tu”

For Meera Deosthale, Independence means ‘following your heart and having the freedom to do so.’ Playing with the words, she beautifully added, ’It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice. When I was in school the celebration of Republic Day used to be a grand affair. Now when I am not shooting I like to watch the programme on tv. My favourite freedom fighter is Mahatma Gandhi who practised non-violence. My favourite patriotic song is “Sandese Aate Hai” from the film “Border”. Pandemic has taught us to value life.

For India, a country ravaged by invasion and colonialism, Republic Day is one of the greatest days, where the leaders of our country changed the face of this nation and made it a Republic. Happy Republic Day from Pinkvilla!

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