North East Covid cases still rising with almost 14,000 people infected in just a week

Almost 14,000 people had Covid-19 in the North East in the week ending March 23.

The latest Government figures show that the rate of cases of the virus in our area has continued to rise throughout March, even as we approach the end of mass-testing on April 1.

Though the UK rate has close to levelled off at around 900 cases per 100,000, the North East has seen substantial rises continue and the number of people in hospital with Covid continues to tick up, too. There were 2,152 people who had tested positive on the wards across the North East and Yorkshire on March 25.

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The highest case rates in the week to March 23 were in Northumberland and North Tyneside . The former saw a rate of 915 per 100,000 people – which equates to 2,963 cases over seven days. The county’s southern neighbour is now the hardest hit in our area though, with there being 1,969 cases and a rate of 942.7.

However, on a more local level, Morpeth South & West is the postcode area with the highest rate. The town had an astounding 1,564 cases per 100,000 people. Cramlington, Longhoughton, Alnmouth and Darras Hall were all also Northumberland areas among the ten to have the highest levels of Covid-19 in the North East.

Moving south, Newcastle ‘s rate is up to 721.6. That’s a 20.8% increase on a week earlier and accounts for 2,214 cases. In the city a peak of 417 cases were reported from March 21, and each day since then has seen that figure fall – though data for the last five days is provisional at this stage. This could suggest that the increases are beginning to tail off.

In Gateshead the case rate is up to 779.5 after 1,575 cases over a week. That’s a 49% increase. South Tyneside has been a few days behind the Covid-19 curve throughout March, and evidence of this remains as the borough saw the highest Covid rise in the region – the rate is now 678.2 after 1,025 new cases. This marks a 72% increase and the first time there have been more than 1,000 cases in a week since February 6.

In County Durham and Sunderland, the rises were again slower but still substantial. Sunderland’s case rate is up to 754.7 after 2,097 new confirmed positives, while County Durham has the highest raw figure for cases in our areas with 4,041. That equates to a rate of 757.9.

These are the ten areas with the highest Covid-19 rates over the week to March 23:

Morpeth South & West – 1,564.4 cases per 100,000, 105 new cases

South Gosforth – 1,413.2 cases per 100,000, 135 new cases

North Cramlington – 1,342.2 cases per 100,000, 69 new cases

Coxlodge & West Gosforth – 1,338.2 cases per 100,000, 139 new cases

Darras Hall, Stamfordham & Heddon – 1,324 cases per 100,000, 104 new cases

Longhoughton & Alnmouth – 1,322.8 cases per 100,000, 89 new cases

Low Fell West – 1,275.9 cases per 100,000, 80 new cases

Seaburn – 1,268.5 cases per 100,000, 84 new cases

Whitley Sands – 1,258.7 cases per 100,000, 76 new cases

Killingworth East – 1,256.5 cases per 100,000, 80 new cases

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