NI midwife and NHS worker husband wins £500k in Ant and Dec’s new gameshow, Limitless Win

A midwife from Northern Ireland and her fellow NHS worker husband – who have worked on the frontline of the pandemic – are celebrating a £500,000 cash win after triumphing on ITV’s new quiz show, Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win.

athryn and her husband Will, an intensive care doctor, kept the audience on the edge of their seats by risking the loss of £100,000 to answer their last question.

In one of the most tense TV moments in recent memory, the pair correctly answered the question ‘July 2022 will mark how many years since Jeff Bezos founded Amazon?’ with just one lifeline remaining.

They gave the right answer – 28 – which Will said he knew because his sister was born in 1994, the same year that wife Kathryn was born.

They told presenters Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly that the money would mean they could buy a home instead of renting.

The couple – who want to keep their surnames secret for the sake of their NHS jobs – said they were used to stressful situations and having to react quickly, the MailOnline reported.

Kathryn said: “In our jobs we deal with a lot of pressure, but I’m hoping that under the studio lights we’re able to remain quite calm. A limitless amount of money is crazy to comprehend.

“People have been very busy in lockdown, Delivering many, many babies. I feel like with this one [Limitless Win] we’ve got a little bit more time to think.”

After cashing out, the emotional couple also said they hoped to buy a camper van for holidays.

Will said: “It’s going to have all the accessories.”

The new quiz show, which is being hailed as one of ITV’s big Saturday night offerings, sees couples having to consider questions where all the answers are numbers – with the promise of an unlimited prize fund.

At the beginning of their appearance on the show, Kathryn and Will won sustained applause when Ant and Dec thanked them for their tireless work in the NHS during the Covid crisis.

Ahead of the first episode, Ant and Declan joked their new gameshow could bankrupt ITV.

In what ITV say is ‘the biggest prize ever conceived’ up for grabs, the five-part series features an endless money ladder, with only a correct answer banking the cash.

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