Mum furious after neighbour does one thing ‘so he can spy on her’

A frustrated mum has asked for advice after her neighbour cut down her tree to spy on her.

The frustrated user went to Mumsnet to complain about the man who is “unbelievably nosy” despite the rest of her neighbours being “very kind and supportive” during her divorce.

“For example, when I was sunbathing on my trampoline he text me to check I was okay as he had ‘noticed’ I’d been asleep for a while. He regularly comments on what I’ve been doing when I’ve been in my garden,” she wrote on Mumsnet.

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“On a number of occasions I’ve directly told him to stop nosing into my garden, and also in front of his wife – she told him off too.”

The mum has a tree in her garden, which she is growing in an attempt to mask the peeping Tom’s view of her private garden. However, when she returned home following a few days away over the festive period, she noticed the tree has been cut down to the level of the 6ft fence beside it.

“I’m amused but equally fuming. My partner is going to build a canopy over my patio in the spring that will mask his view, but for God’s sake, this has now p***ed me off.”

The mum then asked others for advice on how to approach the situation, adding that while her neighbours are generally nice and kind people, she feels as though this is a step too far.

“He can’t trim a tree in your garden, only trim overhanging branches from your tree across the boundary line,” one commented. ”If he has trimmed the top, I would be going round telling him he needed to buy me a new – taller – tree seeing as he wilfully damaged your one!!”

Another added: “You’re being remarkably generous towards him. They may do nice things like feed your cats but being neighbourly and being a peeping Tom are not mutually exclusive.

“You’ve got a right to be p***ed off about your tree. I’d strongly complain and also tell them why you felt the need to put it up. It could embarrass him into better behaviour.”

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