Meeting Chukwuemeka: The Vacation (Ep.13)

When I received the text Chukwuemeka’s supposed girlfriend.

I forwarded it to my friend Faith and she suggested that instead of crying over spilled milk, I needed to socialize and take a break from the whole drama, and I agreed. A few minutes later, she sent me an invitation to a free hangout organized by her cousin in a popular resort the following Saturday.

That Saturday morning, the sun was complemented with the cool weather; an indication that the day was going to be a good one. I had packed my bags two days before as I looked forward to having a lot of fun. While some of us fantasized about taking the best pictures at the location, others were more interested in finding a good-looking man who would complement them during the weekend. But I was indifferent, a girl just wanted to have fun. I and the girls met at my place, to book a ride together so we would spend the minimum amount of money on transportation. The journey from my house to the resort center took us about an hour, especially because of the traffic that we encountered on our way.

We got to the resort at noon and settled in our various rooms paired in twos. After we had lunch, we stepped out to socialize with other people with whom we had similar interests together. Everything was going fine until it was Saturday evening. A game of scrabble was organized and each lady was paired with a man. I sighted a man who appeared like he was in his late thirties. He looked really attractive, with his broad chest reminding me of my high school crush. His body was the type that reminded me of Idris- Elba. In my head, I was glad that though this wasn’t Idris Elba, God created a clone; a perfect one. The moment I got paired with him, I whispered “God please let him be single,” with my palms clasped together.

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