ITV Good Morning Britain confused as new cycling rules announced

ITV Good Morning Britain viewers were left confused by a cyclist as they spotted a blunder on Tuesday’s edition.

The show, hosted by Susanna Reid and Ed Balls, featured a clip of a cyclist riding along on a road in Warrington as they discussed the new Highway Code changes.

Fans of the programme flocked to have their say on social media after.

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Rusty said: “The problem is most drivers wouldn’t even recognise the current Highway Code if it was thrown at them – if the government wants to push cycling as a solution to transport congestion and improve health – they are going to need to do a mass publicity campaign.”

“Can cyclists obey the rules as well please, and not ride through red lights and cycle on the pavement whenever they feel like it,” Malcolm moaned.

“How about making it a legal requirement for cyclists to wear helmets and have working lights on their bikes. That might help with safety as well!!!” James T said.

“A cyclist wants 5 metres space when a driver overtakes them but will squeeze down the side and clip everyone’s wing mirrors when traffic has stopped,” said Tony.

“there was clearly a cycle path there. cycle paths are made for a reason,” reckoned Ray.

Ian commented: “Interesting that the girl on the bycle did not use the cycle lane and no one else were using it either. The same car was behind her during the whole segment.”

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