Celebrity trainer Tiffiny Hall in tears over pregnancy weight comments

Former Biggest Loser coach Tiffiny Hall has revealed the harsh comments she has received from men about her body.

Fitness star Tiffiny Hall has opened up about some of the cruel comments she has received from men about her weight.

The 37-year-old personal trainer who is expecting her second child with comedian husband Ed Kavalee spoke about the incidents on his 2 Day FM’s breakfast radio show — Hughesy, Ed & Erin — on Wednesday.

She told listeners two men recently told her she looked “massive” as she and Ed were walking down the street and how another man told her she “must be expecting a girl as she’s stolen your looks”.

“People just think that when you’re pregnant, they get to say whatever they want to you,” Tiff said on the show.

“It’s hurting my feelings and it’s getting a bit too much especially because I still have seven weeks to go. And everyone’s just like, ‘Oh my God, you must be about to pop, you’re massive, you’re enormous, you must have three in there’.”

Ed, 42, who was also shocked by the comments, chimed in to say: “We have had two men in public say — while I’m standing there — to my wife, ‘You’re massive. You’re massive’.”

Tiff said they would follow it up with “it must be a girl because girls steal your looks and it looks like you’re struggling”.

Co-host Erin Molan was in disbelief repeatedly saying “Are you kidding me?” to which Ed added: “A man in a cafe said to my wife, ‘You must be having a girl as she’s stolen your looks. My wife, she had three girls and all she had is a tiny basketball. But you’re massive’.”

Tiff was taken back by the stranger’s comments and had a go at her husband for not saying anything in response.

“Ed didn’t do any Will Smith action at all,” she said of the cafe incident.

“You didn’t do anything, Ed. I was dying, I actually cried after that. I got in the car and I had a cry.”

Tiff and Ed, who have a son, Arnold, 4, revealed the news they are expecting her second child in an Instagram post last December.

“A dream come true. Baby Kavalee coming in 2022,” Tiff wrote.

In an exclusive interview with last year, the Biggest Loser star opened about her health issues after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and POTS.

It forced her to take a step back from training, limiting her session to just 10 minutes a day “Mental health is just so important and I make sure I speak to my psychologist every Thursday as I’ve had to work hard on my mental health in dealing with this illness,” she said in August.

“My body has changed, I don’t have muscle tone and I have have gone up a size and that’s never been the case for me. Not even after having Arnold.

“I put on 30kg during my pregnancy but lost it – so this is just so different for me. I puff just going up the stairs now.”

Tiff, who is the founder of health and wellbeing program TXO LIFE (formerly TIFFXO), said

searching for a diagnosis triggered depression.

“It was the biggest mental health challenge I have ever been through,” she said. “It was scary and it was rock bottom for me.”

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) is a disease characterised by extreme exhaustion, sleep abnormalities and, in some cases, pain.

POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) is an illness that affects the flow of blood to the top of the body, with symptoms including light-headedness, fainting and rapid heartbeat.

Tiff decided to open up about her personal health battle in the hopes it would others the motivation to seek help if they need it.

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