Can polygamy stop infidelity in marriage?

In recent times, monogamy, that is, the practice of one man one wife has become the commonest type of marriage in Africa. However, because it removes variety and restricts one man to one wife, Monogamy is now perceived to be the main cause of cheating in marriages. This brings us back to the question:

Can polygamy stop infidelity in marriage?

A lot of men cheat on their wives with numerous women and vice versa. The resultant heartbreak, deceit and anguish that come from this cheating has led to the high prevalence of divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, spousal homicide and suicide in our society.

Well, we’re only looking at this from a male perspective. The ideology that men are polygamous by nature also holds true for women. Women, too, are polygamous by nature. Or do you think they don’t have emotions? You think women don’t desire other men albeit for a minute?

They do, but if women started advocating for polyandry (having more than one husband), I bet this polygamy conversation would be different.

The truth is neither polyandry nor polygyny can eradicate infidelity in marriages and relationships.

That’s because humans love variety. We want to explore different ideas and desires. And there’s always someone prettier, taller, wealthier, and smarter than the person you’re with.

The only remedy is self control and discipline.

It’s sheer naiveté that makes us believe someone with ten wives won’t cheat again. How do you think he got ten wives?

There are so many reasons people cheat on their spouses. Frustration, financial pressure, aging, psychological trauma and sexual dissatisfaction are just a few.

Do you really think polygamy fixes all these?

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