5 places you should visit in Ghana

Here are some reasons why you should visit Ghana.

1. Ghana has a variety of foods you should try out. They have a variety of soups and stews prepared with seafood, vegetables, and meat. Examples of these foods are Banku and Tilapia (Banku is made from ground corn), fufu and the famous Ghana Jollof Rice.

2. Ghana has post-modern architecture and heritage sites that you must see.

3. Ghana is known for its pride, rich cultural heritage, and hospitality.

4. It has an abundance of wildlife and forest reserves.

Here are some places you should definitely visit in Ghana.

1. Makola market: Located at Accra Ghana, the Makola Market was constructed in 1924. The market is known as the shopping district in Ghana. Among the products you can get in the market are textiles, fresh produce, locally handcrafted jewelry, shoes, and tools.

2. Adanwomase Kente clith and tourism village: Kente cloth is a traditional fabric worn by the Ashanti people of Ghana. You will learn how these kante clothes are made in the cloth village. You’ll also learn about the culture of the Adanwomase people.

3. Kakum national park: Kakum National Park is located in Ghana’s central region. It has a canopy walkway and different species of mammals and birds. It also has a shrine and a tree house.

4. Elmina castle: Elmina Castle was first established as a trade settlement, but it became the first slave trading post in Africa. Today, Elmina Castle has become Ghana’s national museum. It has become a place for African-Americans to connect with their lost heritage.

5. Lake bosomtwe: Lake Bosomtwe is located in Ghana’s Ashanti region. It is the only natural lake in Ghana. It is also a home for diverse wildlife. The lake has served as a major national tourist destination.

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