4 Things to do in Uttarakhand that make for a memorable tourist experience

The unrivaled grandeur of the Himalayan peaks and the peaceful atmosphere of Uttarakhand entice visitors from all over the world. This area is known for its hiking routes and charming villages, and it provides a delightful experience to all of its guests. Nothing about Uttarakhand makes it any less of a fantastic tourism destination.

Here are the 4 best things to do in Uttarakhand for an amazing tourist experience.


1. Rafting in Rishikesh

Rafting in Rishikesh, in particular, is without a doubt the best in India. From the beautiful natural surroundings to the top-notch expert help, the location has it all. Rishikesh has certain qualified operators with well-established safety procedures, as well as customized camping and rafting packages. If you want a stress-free outing, operators will take care of your food, water, and rafting arrangements.

2. River crossing in Jim Corbett

This is a relatively new set of adventure activities in Jim Corbett, and it is spectacular and thrilling. A rope is tied from one end of the river bank to the other in this pastime. A sturdy harness is needed in this technique. To go to the other side of the river, stand on one of the parallel ropes and hang onto the other rope. The procedure is completely safe and is carried out under the guidance of a professional.

hot air balloon

3. Hot air balloon ride in Bhimtal

A hot air balloon trip in Bhimtal is the best thing to do in Uttarakhand with friends during the summer, aside from trekking, picnics with friends and family, shopping, and visiting local festivals. Take a hot air balloon ride through the Bhimtal skies for an unforgettable experience. Taking your loved ones on this high-end adventure is one of the top family summer activities in Uttarakhand. Gather your friends and family to share this once-in-a-lifetime hot air ballooning adventure.


4. Zero-point trek in Almora

The Journey to Zero Point, Almora is one of India’s most well-known treks. The Zero Point is a point at an elevation of 2400 meters where a tower has been built to watch the panoramic and breath-taking views of the Himalayan Ranges. The only way to get to Zero Point is to travel for a few kilometers because it is not accessible by road. From the Zero Point, one can see the snow-capped high summits of Nanda Devi and Kedarnath. The area is a haven for the environment and wildlife lovers, as you will come across a diverse range of flora and fauna when hiking to Zero Point.

Uttarakhand’s stunning scenery and serene atmosphere draw visitors from all over the world. Enjoy these fun range of activities and make your experience a memorable one!

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