4 Stair railing ideas to spruce up your entryway

Choosing the right stair railing or handrail for your space is a significant design decision that can have a significant impact on how your home feels. A beautiful stair railing can be a star of your home. Stair railings come in a variety of styles, from glass panels to wrought iron balusters.

Here we suggest you 4 gorgeous railing ideas to spruce up your entryway of the house.

curve stair railing

1. Curve stair railing

Curved and round stair designs will make a statement, adding both aesthetic and actual value to your investment, whether you’re designing a new home or building or considering an upgrade to an existing structure. They have a lot of visual appeal. The designs of the curved and round staircases have proven to be extremely durable. This railing combines a high-polish wooden handrail with black iron balusters with decorative details to mimic the lines of a gently curving staircase. It also adds to the staircase’s grandeur.

white stair railing

2. All white stair railing

The staircase railing design can take a backseat in homes with intricate trim work and wall treatments. This plain white railing blends into the background, allowing the subtlety of the background to stand out. The narrow rail design prevents sightlines from being disrupted, making it easy to see from below.

modern stair railing

3. Modern stair railing

The style of this home is, but the streamlined architecture gives it a more modern feel. The staircase is outfitted with a modern stair railing rather than a rustic or country style. The sleek black metal fabrication complements the white and light finishes found throughout the open living area.

refined stair railing

4. Refined rustic stair railing

Material and finish juxtapositions can result in a truly unique stairwell design. A steel handrail and clear plexiglass panels secured with sleek hardware form a contemporary stair railing in this updated farmhouse. Steps made from reclaimed barnwood have a weathered appearance. This type of staircase will give your lobby a bright and open space feel.

So, which of these railings would you choose to complement your home’s decor?

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